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Earthing Point (1 x 10mm stud, NO RESISTOR)

Earthing Point designed specifically for use on racks, cabinets, panels, and trolleys etc. Used for the grounding personnel, typically for those who need to be mobile or on cabinets for use by Field Service Engineers. Small dimensions, 25mm x 35mm allows it to be used where space is limited. Connects to known good Earth via solder tag. ESDP has 1 x 10mm male stud and no resistor.

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Earthing point supplied with a single 10mm male stud and NO RESISTOR.

This Earthing point unit distinguishes between Earth facility and Earth bonding point. It provides a grounded fixture to which equipment in an Electrostatic Protected Area may be linked or bonded via a grounding cord. This Earthing point is supplied with a single 10mm male stud and printed with black text on a yellow background. The text clearly states E.S.D. BONDING POINT”.

An Earth facility (EF) usually distributes the electrical mains Earth or a dedicated ESD Earth, (protective Earth) within an EPA. An Earth bonding point (EBP or common ground point) ties together several elements of an EPA such as a bench surface, floor mat or wrist strap. In this manner, all are kept at the same electrical potential. In an EPA there may be several Earth bonding points (EBP) but there must be only one Earth facility (EF).

Key Features of Earthing Point:

Made in the UK logo UK Manufactured

Meets the Following ESD Standards & Regulations:

ESD safe label - Bondline IEC-61340-5-1 CE Icon WEB-min-alt CE approved
bondline RoHS compliant bondline REACH compliant

We supply a vast UK and European Earth bonding plug and point range to fit all requirements, each enhancing safety in ESD applications by providing a secure Earth grounding point for the handling of electrostatic sensitive devices and equipment.

See our full range of Earth Bonding Points.

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ESDBP – With 10mm Stud – No Resistor

Technical Datasheet

Earthing Point - Technical Datasheet

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