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ESD Calibration & Certification New

ESD Calibration & Certification

Calibration of ESD test instruments is an essential routine of maintaining the efficiency of you anti-static equipment. Our ESD calibration experts are always on hand to help calibrate your Bondline meters, monitors and testers. Get in touch with us today!

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Calibrate Your Bondline ESD Test Instruments

  • Competitively priced
  • Calibration certificate issued
  • Over 35 years’ experience
  • Improve your productions
  • Reduce risk of product failure
  • Traceable to National Standards

Why Calibrate?

If you work with electrical equipment that is sensitive to static, you most likely have antistatic protective consumables. These antistatic consumables must be tested with ESD testing instruments on a regular basis to check their efficiency. However, without effective calibration of your ESD testing instruments, you could compromise your ESD Control Program and cause issues down the line.

Choosing Bondline For Your Calibrations

Bondline, a leading UK supplier and vast stockist of ESD products, can offer various types of calibrations for your ESD testing equipment at a competitive price. Our technical experts have over 35 years’ experience in calibrating ESD testing equipment and can assist you with any questions you may have regarding our calibration service. Traceable to national standards, our ESD calibration service is quick, easy and simple to conduct.

What Our Traceable Calibration Certificate Consists of:

  • Product is calibrated to meet Bondline Electronics published specifications.
  • A printed certificate is issued stating that we use accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • The calibration certificate will normally consist of an instrument type, product code, serial number, date, calibration equipment used, stamp and the name and signature of the technician that performed the calibration.
  • We apply a calibration sticker to the product listing the identification number, the calibration date and the initials of the technician performing the calibration.

ESD Product Certification

Bondline can certify compliance of the following Bondline products: ESD Floors, Ionisers, Bench Mats and ESD Benches. A full dated certificate will be supplied on completion. Please get in touch with us on the form below for more information.

Bondline ESD Flooring and Benches

We are able to calibrate and certify all types of ESD flooring, benches and all ESD work areas to ensure they still meet the IEC61340-5-1 International Standard. This is recommended once a year. A full dated certificate will be supplied on completion.

Bondline Ionisers and Test Meters

We can also offer calibration – valid for 1 year – on all ionisers and test equipment supplied by Bondline Electronics Ltd. Please note, we can only calibrate test instruments and ionisers bought from / supplied by Bondline. A full dated certificate will be supplied on each product on completion. This is recommended once a year.

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