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New ESD Wrist Strap and Cord

New to Bondline – ESD-Safe Crocheted Wrist Strap and Coil Cords.

Our new ESD-safe economy wrist-strap and coil cords are essential grounding products for use in an EPA; protecting both you and your static sensitive components from any excessive static discharge. This new wrist strap and coil cord offers a great cost-saving solution to your static control programme – a much more cost-effective alternative to our additional wrist-straps we have to offer.

The wrist-strap provides great comfort for the user and gives a snug fit. Its crocheted material provides good durability and its conductive yarn fibre allows for the wrist-strap to be used within a static controlled area. The wrist-strap is lightweight and is fully-adjustable to allow for maximum user comfort and satisfaction. A 10mm stud is provided on the wrist-strap as an Earthing Point.

Additionally to the wrist strap, we also have two new coil cords in stock. Each of these two new coil cords have a 10mm stud – the CCJ10SMS coil cord has a stud to banana/ croc clip and the CCS10SMS coil cord has a stud at each end. These coil cords are flexible and are 1.8 meters in size. Excellent to use in conjunction with our new fabric wrist-strap! See here for more technical information.

Wrist strap and cords are sold separately.  Now in stock for next day delivery.


Crocheted Wrist Strap and Coil Cord is supplied with:

  • Earthing point with 10mm stud.
  • Coil cord available with 10mm stud to banana/croc clip OR 10mm stud each end.

Custom grounding products can be manufactured on request.

Order your set combination here!

Only Part- CCS10SMS   Part- CA10S  Part- CCJ10SMS


Part Codes and Options:

Part- CA10S 

  • Adjustable, Lightweight, Fully Adjustable Wrist Strap with 10mm stud.
  • Only £1.50 each!  (Check product on website for special offers)

Part- CCJ10SMS

  • Coil cord with 10mm stud to banana/ croc clip.
  • Only £2.25 each! (Check product on website for special offers)

Only Part- CCS10SMS

  • Coil cord with 10mm stud each end.
  • Only £2.25 each! (Check product on website for special offers)


Grounding Solutions

Effective grounding protects sensitive areas from the damage caused from ESD. Our products are designed to maximise operator performance and safety by using high quality materials and build quality.

Static grounding requirements for operations with large working environments will often require the establishment of ESD protected areas. EPAs are sections of the workspace that are partitioned off from the rest of the facility and specially marked to notify employees and visitors of the potential for electrostatic events.


Using ESD-Safe Wrist-Straps As Part Of Your ESD Control Programme

Sometimes an ESD workbench is not enough to prevent an ESD event. Therefore, numerous accessories such as ESD wrist straps have been developed to help assist in preventing and ESD event. Wrist straps are the first line of defence against ESD, the most common personnel grounding device used, and are required to be used if the operator is sitting.

The wrist strap is the most used device to ground personnel, it will safely and effectively drain static charges from the body. Wrist straps are critical elements of any ESD Control Environment, as the human body is one of the greatest generators of static charge. Wrist straps are designed to safely ground personnel that are handling ESD Sensitive Devices and should be used when personnel are seated, as per IEC 61340-5-1.

Sometimes known as antistatic wrist straps or ground bracelets, they consist of two elements, a wrist band and ground cord, which can be purchased separately. The band should be worn snugly on the skin and the cord connected to a common ground point such as an Earth Bonding Point Plug or Bracket.

A wrist strap is made up of two components:

  • a wristband that is worn comfortably around your wrist and
  • a coil cord that connects the band to ground.


How To Use An ESD Wrist-Strap

With our new elasticated, fabric wrist-strap, you should take the correct steps in ensuring that the wrist-strap is secure around your wrist and connected to Earth properly.

To adjust the wrist-strap, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the clasp by pulling upward on the “tail” of material that extends out from the clasp.
  • Tighten or loosen the elastic material through the clasp until the wristband fits snug but comfortably around your wrist.
  • We recommend that you close the clasp and wear the band with the excess tail extended for a day to be sure the adjustment is snug, comfortable, and has the proper electrical contact with the skin before cutting.
  • Test the wrist strap system to be sure of proper electrical resistance and skin contact.
  • When you are ready to cut off excess material, mark with a pencil where excess material is to be trimmed.
  • Remove band from wrist. Open clasp. Cut off strip excess material about 1/4″ short of pencil mark so that the end of material is concealed by cap. This will eliminate the possibility of frayed ends.
  • Close clasp and use as a fixed elastic wristband.


Testing Of Wrist-Strap

Our new fabric wrist straps need to be checked regularly to ensure they are faultless and ground the operator properly. The wrist strap should be worn while they are tested. This provides the best way to test all three components: the wristband, the ground cord (including the resistor) and the interface with the operator’s skin.

The wrist strap need to be checked before each use. Periodic testing is not required if continuous monitors are used. They provide instant feedback should the wrist strap fail while handling ESD sensitive devices. If the wrist strap tester outputs a FAIL test result, stop working. Test the wristband and cord individually to find out which item is damaged. There are some methods to troubleshoot your wrist straps. First make sure your tester is properly adjusted and calibrated.

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