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Conductive Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Racks are used to handle and hold PCBs during the manufacturing process. They can be used for draining or drying PCBs after preparation, or for storing and transporting partly or fully assembled boards. Essentially, conductive PCB racks are specially manufactured with carbon loaded properties to provide complete ESD protection for sensitive electronic components such as printed circuit boards. These conductive racks provide a conductive path to Earth, making them suitable to use in static controlled areas. In short, they are a very convenient method of storage and shipping of circuit boards in assembly areas where static needs to be controlled.

Why Is It Important To Use PCB Racks?

What Is A Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?

First, before we delve into PCB racks, we should first understand what a printed circuit board (PCB) actually is. Quite simply, a PCB is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using tracks, conductive pathways, or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) ideally need to be stored in a conductive PCB rack in order for them to be protected from static charge. Keep reading on to find out why it is important to use these.

Static charge poses a significant risk to static sensitive components like printed circuit boards. If a static charge were to disperse and transfer onto a static sensitive component, then this could cause catastrophic damage to the electronic component.

This in turn could cause a latent defect. A latent defect is difficult to identify since the device (with the damaged component) may be partially degraded yet still continue to perform its intended function. However, the operating life of the device may be reduced dramatically. You may only notice that there is a problem when the device suddenly stops working. Ultimately, a latent defect could result to a premature system failure which could prove extremely hazardous and very costly. If you work with static-sensitive devices or components on a regular basis, you must use anti-static products in a static controlled environment!

Take for example a conductive PCB rack. If you are handling printed circuit boards, you should use a conductive PCB rack to store or transport them in. This will ensure they are protected from static, provided that you are using other anti-static protective measures such as ESD-safe wrist-straps and workbenches. If you were to use a PCB rack made from insulative materials such as plastic, then you could be potentially harming your printed circuit boards and exposing them to the risks of static damage.

In a recent article, we discussed about electrostatic discharge and its causes and solutions in depth. If you’d like to read this blog post, please see Electrostatic Discharge: Causes, Solutions, and Products That Are ESD-Safe | Bondline.

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What Are They Used For?

A Conductive PCB Holder is a tool to firmly hold the Printed Circuit Board of a mobile phone while repairing and soldering. It holds the Printed Circuit Board very strongly, stably and doesn’t allow it to move thus helping in soldering and repairing made easier.

Conductive PCB holders are made up of black conductive polypropylene and are generally available in different colours, weights, and sizes. Some of them are designed in a way so that they can be used under an under-board heater or pre-heater.

Conductive PCB racks are used in electronic production across different industries and applications, including:

  • Microelectronics (Cleanroom)
  • Aviation
  • Electronics
  • Telecoms
  • Semiconductors
  • Chemical
  • Defence
  • Healthcare sector

Where Can They Be Applied?

  • Storage of static-sensitive components.
  • Maintenance and repair of printed circuits boards.
  • Transportation of static-sensitive components (within assembly areas).

Types of Conductive PCB Racks

Conductive PCB racks are available in different sizes and shapes to suit various sizes of PCBs. Some racks come with storage modules that can be stacked for vertical or horizontal PCB storage while others have adjustment mechanisms to allow for different PCB sizes. They are safe for use in ESD-protected areas and should be used with ESD safe mats and ESD safe workbenches.

Conductive, flat PCB holding racks can hold over 20 PCBs for transport and storage at manual workstations. These trays will also hold any PCB size. L-shaped trays provide PCBs with support on two sides that will prevent the boards from moving during transportation.

Conductive Dimple Board Racks

Conductive dimple board racks are slightly different to the standard conductive PCB rack in terms of their design. These dimple board racks have a grid style slot design that allows simple yet effective storage and transporting of PC boards up to 2mm thick. These are ideal for fitting into a euro-box container.

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Buying The Best Conductive PCB Holder

Looking for a high-quality Conductive PCB Rack? Get in touch with Bondline now!

Bondline Electronics are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Static Control products within the ESD Industry. Anti-static products such as Flexible and Rigid Packaging, Table Matting, Wrist Straps, Heel Grounders and Shoes, Protective Clothing and Gloves, Test and Measurement Equipment along with many storages and handling solutions can be found on Bondline’s website.

Bondline is a very popular and reliable brand for anti-static products, including conductive PCB holders. Their robust, moulded carbon, conductive PCB holders are a very convenient method of storage and shipping in the assembly area. They are especially great for the protection of CMOS assembled boards. Bondline’s conductive racks are specially designed for use in static controlled areas where the racks give a conductive path to the ground. On top of this, their conductive racks are available in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can be sure to find a rack that suits your requirements.

Competitively-priced, our PCB racks are the number one choice for storing your assembly boards!

Benefits Of Bondline’s Printed Circuit Board Holders

  • Electrical resistance RV: 10^(3) to 10^(5) Ω.
  • Strong rigid, robust construction.
  • Stackable for space-saving storage.
  • Recommended maximum operating temperature is 75°C.
  • Moulded from black conductive polypropylene (ESD-safe).
  • Ideal for the transportation or storage of PCBs.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
  • Compliant according to IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.

Discover our full conductive PCB rack range by visiting our website at Conductive PCB Racks | Bondline Electronics.

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