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How to Make ESD Training Work for Your Business Beyond 2022

Every business needs to invest in employee development for two reasons. Firstly, it helps motivate and retain employees. Secondly, it helps ensure that your employees are well prepared for any future opportunities or challenges within the company. 

Investing in the training and development of your employees ensures the success of your business as well as the job satisfaction of your employees. If you are a part of the industry that manufactures or develops products that are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) then it is important to arm your employees with the knowledge of ESD and the potential damage it causes. 

ESD is the phenomenon where two electric charged surfaces come into contact and static electricity is discharged. An example is when you feel a shock when you slide out of a fabric seat and touch the metal of your car. Electric charges occur constantly throughout the day. However, some charges are so small the human body is not aware of them. When an electric charge is transferred to a device or item that is sensitive to these charges, malfunction or damage can occur. Often irreversible damage.

What is an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area)?

When you are processing static sensitive products, one example is a PCB (a printed circuit board), the slightest ESD can cause harm. This is why certain processes and procedures are important in a company that manufactures, produces or handles ESD sensitive components. With the correct training and process implementations, your work area can be transformed into an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). These procedures and rules need to be implemented to adhere to international standards. All training from Bondline is designed to meet the requirements of IEC-61340-1-5.

When the regulations are followed while wearing ESD protective items such as shoes, gloves or wrist straps individuals are assured their electrostatic discharge is minimal. Alongside personal protective equipment, you’ll also need to consider flooring, tables, storage solutions and finally the packaging you need for the final product. 


Does My Company Need ESD Training?

This may not be the most simple answer, the better question is; Does my workplace follow the requirements of IEC-61340-1-5? Of course, there is always the option for a professional to come by the workplace and assess the ESD protective measures you already have in place. This will allow for a full report of any areas that could be improved. 

Also referred to as an on-site ESD survey, an ESD audit is an important part of the protection of your employees and products. If the process is conducted regularly then your business is protected, your staff informed and the international standards upheld. 

No matter the outcome of an ESD Audit, it is important for ESD training for new staff, as well as refresher training for existing staff. This measure also contributes to compliance with international standards. ESD training covers a range of topics, from what is ESD to the effects of ESD damage and how to prevent ESD damage. Bondline offers on-site training to maximise the training effectiveness. Some employees benefit from a refresher on how to use certain ESD protective products such as ESD tape, ESD film, wrist straps or many of the other products available.

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8 Benefits of ESD Training

When an electrostatic discharge happens during production, the damage is not always seen straight away. This could mean a product being sent for sale without full functionality. However, when it does cause immediate damage which disrupts production this can be a costly setback. These are only a few reasons you might need ESD protection. ESD training should be part of your ESD protection procedure to ensure this does not happen.

1) Improves employee career progression

2) Improves employee confidence and effectiveness

3) Increases adherence to EPA regulations

4) Contributes to International Standards (IEC-61340-1-5)

5) Increases workplace safety

6) Improves your Return on Investment (ROI)

7) Reduces the likelihood of production disruptions

8) Reduces the chances of goods being returned as faulty

What will be Covered in the Training?

Training from Bondline will cover a range of topics. From the essentials like what is ESD to discussions on the various products we provide that protect your goods from ESD harm.

1) We will discuss examples of static damage. Which components are more susceptible to damage and which ones are not. 

2) How is static generated? And we will discuss the methods for preventing ESD in the workplace? 

3) What materials and procedures are used in the workplace to stop static damage, including wrist bands, coats, mats, boxes and the different types of ESD bags. 

4) This topic will discuss the importance of preventing static damage to your product and why this is important – you should ensure your product does not go to your customer with static damage.

5) As part of the training, we will demonstrate how much voltage is generated by a human and by traditional everyday types of packaging. This topic includes all aspects of setting up ESD Protected Areas (EPA) in the workplace, and how to monitor various work procedures.  

6) We will give advice on the testing and calibration of ESD platform, cords, mats, desktops, floors and other relevant ESD equipment

7) We will go through the methods (with examples) of training people to understand ESD and its importance. 

8) Finally, we will go through the international standard, the BSEN 61340-5 specification. We will share advice on its relevance to your company’s work areas

Choosing the Right Training for Your Business in 2023

As with all company expenditure a careful decision needs to be made. When you start counting the revenue lost due to static damage you may be surprised at the ROI when you invest in ESD training. The cost of ESD training from Bondline is dependent on the audit and the needs. Competitively priced, ESD training from Bondline is continually updated year to year. 

The practices on ESD control in 2022 may change in 2023 and this means you as a company can keep up when Bondline is your training partner. It’s unbelievable how technology continually advances and as an industry leader in ESD products and training, Bondline keeps ahead of the game.

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