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How Bondline Can Help You Choose an Ergonomic Workstation with Custom ESD Workbenches

If you’re in the market for a new workstation, it’s important to choose one that is ergonomically built. A Bondline ESD workbench can help you do just that. With a wide variety of customisation options, you can create the perfect workstation for your individual needs. Plus, with bonded seams and a durable finish, you can be sure your workbench will last for years to come. So if you’re looking for an ergonomic solution that is also customisable, a Bondline ESD workbench is a perfect choice.

What Is an ESD Workbench?

An ESD workbench helps prevent static charges from building up in work areas. It creates an ESD-safe environment by ensuring that everything in a system—from people and surfaces to flooring and objects—is at the same electrical potential.

Anti-static workbenches are essential to industries like electronics manufacturing who manufacture static sensitive components such as printed circuit boards. They are just among the vital anti-static products found in an ESD protected area (EPA). These products are critical in controlling the electrostatic discharge, which can cause irreversible damage to static sensitive devices or electronics. Effective ESD control helps prevent this from occurring.

Common ESD Products with ESD Workbench

An ESD workbench serves as a central component in an EPA, housing several other ESD products that protect electronics from damage due to ESD. Some of these common products include:

ESD Mats


ESD mats serve as secure working surfaces where you can place your electronics and work on them without fearing that they’ll incur lasting damage from ESD. Bench mats are typically made of materials with anti-static or static dissipative properties, such as rubber or vinyl.

ESD Wrist Straps and Grounding Cords

ESD Wrist Strap

Grounding cords are attached to ESD mats to provide a strong connection to the ground. Proper grounding of personnel and equipment is necessary to ensure that static sensitive devices and components are handled safely. Meanwhile, ESD wrist straps are used by operators working on devices for adequate grounding.

ESD Earth Bonding Points

Earth Bonding Plug BP3

Installed on or near workbenches, earth bonding points are plugged into the main socket. They provide a common ground point for the elements in an EPA. These grounding solutions typically come in two forms: earth bonding plugs and brackets. Grounding cords for the mat surfaces and floor mats are then connected to the plug or bracket to ensure proper grounding.

ESD Foot Grounders

ESD Heel Strap

Specifically designed to reduce static charge made by personnel when they walk across floors, foot grounders work in conjunction with ESD flooring to create an ESD-safe environment. The floor mat or flooring is typically parallel to the workbench. By wearing ESD foot grounders and ensuring contact with the floor mats, personnel handling electronics on the workbench are given a consistent path to Earth.

Workbench Set Up Bondline

Factors to Consider with an ESD Workbench

Getting a high-quality ESD workbench is essential to ensuring that ESD control practices are maintained effectively within an EPA. This is why you’ll benefit from considering various factors such as quality, cost, ergonomics and customisability.

Quality Icon - Bondline Product Quality

It’s vital to seek an ESD supplier that can offer premium-quality benches in terms of durability and performance. Aside from being more likely to last longer, quality benches provide the right level of static protection, helping you avoid encountering issues that come with ESD events. Designed to last for years and made only from the highest quality materials, Bondline’s ESD workbenches come with bonded seams and a durable finish. The benchtops have a resistance value greater than 10^(6) but less than 10^(9) for excellent ESD performance.

Cost Icon - Bondline Cost

Cost is another factor in choosing a new workstation. As with any purchase, your budget plays a role in what type of bench to get. However, note that it’s essential to invest in a quality workbench. Effective ESD control relies on all elements and equipment to work as they should. It can be risky to get a workbench that’s lower in price yet poor in quality, as this can cost you more in the long run. For a cost-effective solution, it’s best to acquire a workbench that’s within your budget but doesn’t compromise quality and performance.

Ergonomic Icon - Bondline Ergonomics

ESD benches should be made with not only the safety of personnel in mind but also their comfort. Workbenches should allow for optimum comfort at all times, as this can increase efficiency levels. Equipped with ergonomic features, Bondline’s range of ESD benches can help promote productivity at work. The height of the benches can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the people using them. This supports posture and helps minimise fatigue when working.

Bespoke customisation - Bondline Customisability

People have different working needs, and different working environments require different features in a workbench. Customisability is then key to meeting these various needs. With a custom workbench, you can guarantee that it’s the most suitable one for your business or situation. You can add shelves, drawers and even lighting to maximise operations efficiency. By partnering with Bondline, you can customise your workbench in terms of size, shape, colours and accessories.

Bondline ESD Workbenches

Learn about Bondline’s range of ESD benches that can be customised according to your working conditions.

  • Classic Bench: Featuring a minimalist look, these classic benches are ideal for hobbyists and small and large businesses who are looking for a basic bench design with standard features.
  • Comfort Bench: Bondline’s Comfort Workbenches, our premium bench of the range, are specifically designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. They’re suitable for hobbyists and businesses alike.
  • Cantilever Design: Workbenches with the Cantilever design provide optimum legroom for assembly and repair operators.
  • Four Leg Design: Sturdy and easy to assemble, four-leg benches are also great for the assembly or repair of static sensitive electronics.

Classic ESD Bench Image 3 Comfort bench Cantilever ESD Workbench  ESD Workbench Cantilever Design

Customisation Options for Your Bondline Workbench

With Bondline’s array of customisation options, you can get a workbench designed just for you and your needs. After picking your bench design, you can then submit requests for customisation in terms of size, height, colour, panel options, worktops and more.

Various accessories are available, including floor mats, ESD seating and circuit breakers. You can also add shelves, lighting, drawer units, turntables and magnifying lamps. Customise your bench further by requesting bin rails, monitor holders and keyboard holders.

Getting the Perfect ESD Workbench for You

If you’re looking for UK ESD products, Bondline can help provide what you need. From anti-static garments to workbenches, all Bondline products prioritise quality and performance.

With Bondline, you can get the perfect ESD workbench for your specific needs. For enquiries on custom workbench designs, call 01793 511000 or email sales@bondline.co.uk.

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