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ESD Training for Workers in ESD Protected Areas (EPAs)

ESD training provides employees with the knowledge they need to understand what electrostatic discharge is, how to stop any electrostatic discharge, and how to use ESD solutions. Our training places employees in a place of knowledge where they will be confidently aware of the various ESD processes your business needs in ESD Protected Areas (EPAs).

What is an EPA?

In a manufacturing environment, there are areas in which electrostatic-sensitive parts and products are handled. These areas, or rooms, need to have certain processes and safety procedures in place to ensure the protection of these items from electrostatic discharge. When a certain area in the workplace has ESD control measures in place we tend to call that area an ESD Protected Area. Through ESD training you’ll understand the importance of ESD flooring, ESD shoes, ESD mats and so much more in their relation to an EPA.

What ESD Products do I Need for my Business?

When it comes to browsing ESD products and deciding which ones to go with, it may seem like the choice is endless. You may find yourself asking if you really need all the bits and bots. As a professional in the ESD protective industry, Bondline offers on-site ESD audits where we are able to suggest processes and products to optimise your ESD Control Programs. As a company, you need to regularly conduct ESD audits in order to meet the requirements of the IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard.

During ESD Training and as a report of the results of an ESD Survey we recommend all the steps you might need to improve ESD Control Systems. This exercise develops and upgrades your ESD Protected Areas (EPAs) so your output is enhanced.

How do I Train the Workers to Follow the Procedure?

When a new employee joins the team it is especially important that you ensure they are aware of the procedures in place to protect the ESD area. You could bring in an ESD Training establishment if you want to be sure of their knowledge, or you could train them in-house. The benefit of using ESD Training in the UK:

  • Time management (use their time versus your own)
  • Knowledge of processes and procedures
  • Industry trusted
  • Teaching is in their skill set
  • Years of experience

When there is a shift in an existing employee’s position or responsibilities it would also be advantageous to send them through ESD Training again. When you slack on ensuring the knowledge of your employees when it comes to EPAs you may find parts of your manufacturing process affected. Components may become corrupted or unusable when ESD procedures are not followed, leading to processes delayed and potential loss of productivity. This results in a loss in profit. A situation no company owner wants to be in.

How do I train the workers to follow the procedure

Do my Employees Need to Wear Special Equipment?

Essentially, yes. It would benefit the protection of your equipment from ESD when your employees wear specialised footwear and heel straps, wrist straps and specially designed ESD garments. These items are all suggested by your ESD training partner. From shoes to gloves, coats, antistatic fleeces and shirts, and wrist straps that are connected with a grounding kit, there are several solutions that are used in an EPA.

Together with the knowledge of ESD and the potential damage that static discharges can cause, your employees are armed with the skills to protect themselves and the components and products you manufacture.

Do I Need Particular Tables for ESD Protective Areas?

This is where the specialisation comes in to create an area that is optimised to ensure the protection of components from electrostatic damage. The items are all created to be anti-static or ESD. From anti-slip mats to packaging solutions such as ESD protection film. ESD Benches are created to be particularly ESD-safe. Working alongside several other options such as ESD Flooring, ESD Matting, and ESD Chairs these create an enhanced and improved EPA.

Adding these work areas that are ESD protective ensures that all the steps in the ESD Control program are followed. Creating an EPA that includes all the necessary parts that contribute to your business following the requirements of the IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard.

Training for ESD Packaging

As part of the ESD Training package, we have a section dedicated to the various materials and procedures that you would need in the workplace to prevent ESD which includes bags and packaging. If you look through the various packaging solutions there is a whole range of options, from bespoke-made foam material packaging to the usual ESD Bags in standard sizes. You’ll also need to potentially consider moisture barrier, desiccants and other moisture control methods when considering which ESD packaging you need. Then you’ll need to train your team on the best practices for packaging your electrostatic-sensitive components.

After years and years, we have developed our knowledge of processes and have created paid ESD Training courses as well as complimentary FAQs and the answers for free. Have a read on our website about ESD technical advice which also covers several frequently asked questions about bags and packaging.

How Often Should I Train or Refresh Their ESD Knowledge?

This would depend on several factors which include the existing knowledge of the staff, their experience and the addition of new team members. By speaking with Bondline, we can recommend a solution to this question which supports your company’s financial and procedural needs.

Each training course is bespoke to each company. Therefore each session would be a customised price. As a more personalised solution for each company, training is then suited to your processes which would include refresher courses as suggested by Bondline. Depending on your requirements we update and assess your team’s technical knowledge of ESD and deliver according to the level necessary.

As the final step in the training, we go through BSEN 61340-5 specifications and advise on its relevance to your company’s work EPAs. This also follows our promise that all training is designed to meet the requirements of IEC-61340-5.

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If you would like to know more about ESD Training and any technical information that would suit your company then contact Bondline to create a bespoke training solution for your company. The first step to meeting the requirements of IEC-61340-5 International Standards.

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