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How Custom Conductive Fibreboard Containers Can Benefit Your Business

Proper packaging and safe transportation are important factors when it comes down to the protection of delicate static sensitive components. While standard ESD packaging can provide adequate protection, they may not always accommodate the specific requirements of your electronic components. A solution to this is custom-made ESD packaging. Custom-made ESD packaging such as conductive fibreboard containers may be required when a stock product does not quite suit a specific application. The packaging is designed to accommodate the unique requirements of electronic components; whether it is a specific size, shape, or feature that is required. In this article, we will explore the top benefits of using custom conductive fibreboard containers and how they can contribute to the success of your business.

Why Use Custom Conductive Fibreboard Containers?

Custom conductive fibreboard containers offer numerous benefits to your business when compared with using standard pre-made conductive fibreboard boxes. Continue reading to find out the top four benefits of using custom-made conductive fibreboard containers for your components.

Prevents Damage and Enhances Physical Protection

Static sensitive components and devices are susceptible to damage from various factors such as electrostatic discharge, vibration, moisture, and shock. Fortunately, component damage can be avoided with custom conductive fibreboard containers.

Custom-sized conductive fibreboard containers can provide enhanced protection to static sensitive electronic components such as SMD reel components, PCBs and CPUs. Tailoring the size of the containers can help to enhance physical protection by offering a better fit for the components. Factors such as the size and shape of specific electronic components are considered during the design process to ensure a secure and snug fit. This in turn can help to minimise movement of the components and prevent damage caused by impact, shock, vibration, or mishandling, all while providing a protective barrier against electrostatic discharge.

Top tip: Movement of components can also be streamlined and improved with conductive fibreboard partitions.

ESD Fibreboard Reel Storage Box - Bondline Conductive Fibreboard ESD Containers - BondlineConductive Fibreboard

Tailored to Specific Requirements

Custom conductive fibreboard containers are very versatile when it comes to customisability. They can be fitted with various features such as steel reinforcements, stacking corners, cardholders and pulls, wooden runners, handholds, handles and riveted inserts, all which would not be possible with standard stock containers. With the option to customise your box with accessories and features, you can improve the ease of use for handling operatives.

Other products like trays, lids, partitions, and divider sets can also be fabricated in conductive fibreboard to complement your custom container. During the manufacture and design of the custom container, the shape, size, and fragility of the products (that will be stored inside the container) will always be taken into account of to ensure a perfect fit.

An example of how we helped a client tailor the size and shape of their containers to accommodate the SMD reels:

bondline bondline Conductive Fibreboard Boxes Storing Reels - Bondline

Maximise Storage Space

With stock size containers you are limited to a small selection of sizes to choose from. This typically leads to selecting a box size which is slightly too big in order to accommodate your electronic components or assemblies. This extra space is often left empty or filled with void fill. With wasted space however there is fewer inventory space in your warehouse to store your items. Plus, the number of trips is increased when being handled by production operatives. All of this leads to increased costs and reduced efficiency and productivity.

Tailored size conductive fibreboard containers on the other hand maximise storage space efficiency which can help save down on costs. With the ability to be designed to specific dimensions, custom conductive fibreboard containers can snugly fit in line with existing storage equipment, leaving no gaps in between.

An example of how we helped a client maximise their storage space with custom-made conductive fibreboard boxes:

bondline bondline

Cost Saving

Surprising, custom-made conductive fibreboard containers can be a much more cost-effective solution in comparison to standard stock packaging. Custom conductive fibreboard containers help to reduce unit costs through minimised design and assembly times. As the containers are made to match the exact shape and size of the product, the protection is enhanced and therefore reduces the need for costly product repairs or replacements.

As we mentioned before, with standard pre-made conductive fibreboard containers, it is difficult to find a box that perfectly fits the size and shape of your product. Because of this, you may have to pay more for the extra weight caused by any unnecessary packaging.

How We Can Help You Design A Bespoke Packaging Solution For Your Business

With the help of Bondline, we can help you design the best ESD packaging solution for your business. Our custom design service and exceptional customer support can help you see a real tangible impact on the success of your packing processes and costs.

To help you determine which type of packaging solution you need, a survey of your site will be conducted by a member of our team. We will look at your existing practices such as manufacturing production, storage, transportation, and operative handling and determine which practices can be improved on with the use of custom ESD packaging. We will recommend the most suitable types of custom packaging to use that would be most beneficial to your solution. Measurements may be taken and a technical drawing of the packaging design will be sent to the customer to review. After the custom project is complete, a member of our team will visit your site to ensure satisfaction and check everything over. See how we have helped other businesses with their ESD projects.


Customise Your ESD Packaging With Bondline

Custom ESD packaging has transformed packaging and safe transportation in the electronics manufacturing industry. With the option to customise a bespoke packaging solution, your business can source tailor-made ESD packaging that maximise storage space, help prevent component damage, enhance physical protection of components, and save down on costs, making them invaluable tools for the business’s success.

By investing in custom ESD packaging like conductive fibreboard containers, electronics manufacturers can protect their reputation, ensure the safe delivery of their electronic components, and meet the growing demands of quality and reliability in the marketplace.

If you are interested in custom ESD packaging and would like support with your project, please get in touch with our team on +44 (0)1793 511000 or sales@bondline.co.uk where we’d be happy to help.

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