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UK Electronics Manufacturer Improves Production With Bondline’s ESD Benches

The supply and instalment of ESD benches to a UK-based electronics manufacturer.

The Customer’s Requirements:

  • A full site survey to discuss with the customer their needs.
  • To provide the customer with many ESD bench options and a have full discussion of how many benches they need and the amount of space available.
  • Create a safe, ESD protected working environment.

At Bondline, we work very closely with all of our customers establishing their full ESD needs. This ensures we can provide the very best service for our customers and fulfil their exact requirements.

The Preparation and Installation of the Bench Solution

To begin with, Bondline had a meeting and a full-site survey with the customer to establish what their specific requirements were and how we planned to achieve them. This involved having a full discussion about how many benches they required, the amount of space that they currently had available and the features they required. Then, after taking careful consideration of the customer’s requirements and their site, we proposed a list of bench options that would be most appropriate for their needs and would benefit them the most; whilst also ensuring we created a safe, ESD protected working environment for the customer.

After working together with this customer – who were in the process of improving their production line with workbenches – it was established that our ESD classic benches would be the most beneficial option for their individual needs for improving their production. The customer agreed to the proposed bench solution, finalising the decision. Our classic benches allowed the customer to fully customise their ideal workbench so they could design them to their exact needs. We then discussed with the customer the customisation options they would like for their workbenches, for example, whether they’d like extra shelves, lighting, drawers, etc. Once the customer had decided on the design of the workbenches, we began taking the necessary measures and actions to order these custom workbenches in and install these in their facility.

As a result, Bondline’s ESD classic benches were customised and measured to the correct specification to fit in the necessary area that the customer required. It also gave an aesthetically pleasing look to the customer’s working area with all benches fitted and Earthed in accordance with IEC61340-5-1. Their benches were completely unique with features that helped to improve their production and operators’ comfort. This also worked alongside their safe-ESD protected working environmentLastly, we conducted one final check of the benches and asked the customer if they had any questions to ensure both the customer and Bondline were satisfied with the overall result.

The Following Tasks Were Completed:

  • Conducted a meeting and a full-site survey with the customer to discuss and establish their needs and how we planned to achieve them.
  • Established with the customer the many bench options that would be most suitable to them and offer the best solution.
  • Ensured that the chosen bench solution worked alongside their safe-ESD protected working environment accordingly.
  • Discussed with the customer which customisation features they wanted.
  • Ensured we sent off the correct details to the bench supplier in order to manufacture the custom benches.
  • Measured the area for the correct length and width of the benches for the customer’s established area.
  • Ensured that the benches were fitted appropriately and Earthed correctly in accordance with IEC61340-5-1.
  • Conducted a final check of the benches to ensure both parties were satisfied with the overall result.

The Completed ESD Classic Bench Installation


High quality ESD workbenches offer a variety of advantages, even more than other antistatic commodities, which is why they are so popular with businesses that sell electronics. Aside from offering a level of protection that businesses need, ESD desks also keep your workers, equipment and facilities safer.

So what are ESD desks? They are workstations that are specially designed for work with electronics or products which have the tendency to be affected by Electrostatic Discharge. ESD worktops allow workers to safely and securely carry out their day to day work. This is very essential for workers in areas or working on equipment that might put them at risk for exposure to electrostatic discharge.

Among the useful alternatives that protect people from electrostatic discharges, ESD desks are generally considered the main priority. They serve as a workbench to work on, can be outfitted with lower upper bench accessories, upper bench accessories and accessories such as sockets, drawers, shelves and upper lighting and enable your staff to work on electronic items and devices in a safe manner.

ESD Classic Bench

What is an ESD classic bench and what is it great for?

ESD Classic Benches are simple, functional and inexpensive. If you’re looking for a workbench that can be used for conveyor work, the Classic Anti Static Workbench is the number one choice as it can be placed in a line with no gaps. The benches’ universal design allows fitting out the workplace with necessary equipment and drawer units.

While this bench has a simple appearance, it is extremely sturdy, being able to hold a maximum of 300KG load capacity at a time (more than our Comfort Bench). This bench is a great option to choose if you are looking for something with a minimal design that isn’t too costly. Additionally, it’s ideal for small and, equally, larger businesses or even electronic hobbyists who just need a solid starting base to work on. The Classic ESD Bench is very durable since it is made with a steel frame that can easily dispel of any static charge.

The surfaces of the Classic Desks are made of ESD laminate which is highly resistant to abrasion. They are specially designed to be used in electrostatic protected areas due to their anti static properties. You can be sure that your static sensitive equipment will be safe and protected.

One special feature that Bondline offers for the Classic Workbench is bespoke customisation. This workbench can be tailor-made to suit any requirement. Whether you need an extra shelf, lighting, an additional drawer, we can add this on for you in order to fulfil your desires.

All ESD benches are custom bespoke manufactured. If you would like to order our ESD benches, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Classic ESD Bench Image 5Classic ESD Bench Image 3Classic ESD Bench Image 2

Importance of an ESD bench

ESD workbenches are suitable for static controlled areas and have worktops which are grounded to Earth for the safe discharge of static electricity. If the application involves the use of electrical components, then an anti-static workbench is an essential piece of equipment to help limit damage during the work process. If your business or team are working in an industry that manufactures medical devices, circuit boards or semiconductors then an ESD workbench solution is vital.

Investing in reliable ESD benches comes with a good set of advantages. As you already know, electrostatic discharge can happen between two objects that are electrically charged. It can be caused by dielectric breakdown, electrical short or through contact. ESD appears whenever objects that are differently charged are in close proximity to each other. It may also happen whenever the dielectric between the objects begin to break down and create a visible spark. To avoid this from happening, a lot of industries use ESD benches.

ESD workbenches are workstations that establish a negative potential of ground from happening between you, your work surface and the floor or the Earth. Conductive ESD-safe surfaces, on the other hand, direct, diminish and safeguard devices that are electrically sensitive from possible failure or defects. When it comes to manufacturing electronics, a work surface resistance point-to-point of more than 1.0 x 10^(6) and below 1.0 x 10^(9) is the ideal setting.

There are other benefits too: Assembly lines can highly benefit from surfaces that are heat resistant, typical ESD workbench also include a central repository that can connect ESD wrist straps, floor mats and other ESD accessories to ground points. The great thing about ESD workbenches is they can evenly disseminate electron charges and consistently neutralise excess charges.

Advantages of ESD Benches

As previously mentioned, ESD tables come with a wonderful set of benefits. Primarily, it provides a layer of protection for workers who are operating on electronic items and components and reduces the chances of damage from occurring to devices from electrostatic discharge. This means that you, as a business, likely see a saving in money and increase in productivity as the antistatic products create a safe environment to work, lead to less malfunctions and wastage issues – particularly in circuit card assembly.

Our range of static control products are broad and includes a great selection of ESD benches that are manufactured in the UK. You and your safety are very important and that is why we are here to offer you the most dependable ESD merchandise in the market today!

With these in mind, what else are the benefits that your workers can get with ESD desks? Let us take a closer look at the wonders that this antistatic device brings.

ESD desks are easy to set up and maintain. Installing ESD desks for your workers is very easy. The parts can be brought to the workplace and assembled like a standard workstation. This means you don’t have to worry about making elaborate preparation plans or preventative measures to set them up completely. You can treat it like a regular workbench.

On top of that, you have the option to go for bespoke ESD desks that are manufactured or welded to your specific requirements. This will ensure the stability of the workbench, as well as allow you to experience as little downtime in its assembly as possible. If you have bespoke requirements, all you need to do is contact Bondline Electronics to get a quote or get more information.

Once the ESD desks are assembled, it is advisable not to move it. Top-notch ESD desks are usually made of premium raw materials and they are designed for ease of use and maintenance. To keep it looking like new, you do not have to make an extra effort. You just need to regularly clean the desks with specialist cleaning products so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

ESD desks are practical investments. Workers in the electronics industry need to know that they are safe and secure in their workplace before they can work without hindrance. This is why many invest in ESD desks. They enable you to manufacture/work on the products you need to deliver to your customers, whilst keeping your workers safe in the process. On top of that, cleaning and maintaining ESD desks is very easy and that also contributes to their overall practicality.

ESD desks provide safety for your workers and equipment. ESD desks and its associated anti static items are specially designed to provide an excellent level of safety against electrostatic discharge, as well as keep your electrical components and facilities secure. Consider the other ways you can help manage ESD – flooring, matting, chairs and stationery.

Why Choose Bondline For Your ESD Bench Requirements?

  • We have a long-term partnership with a high quality leading UK manufacturer.
  • We pride ourselves on quality, service and competitiveness.
  • The current 80,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility is equipped for bespoke design and custom projects.

Benefits of using Bondline for your ESD Bench Installation:

Bondline are a leading UK supplier and vast stockist – specialising in the production and distribution of high quality ESD products and static control equipment to the electronics manufacturing industry. Over the years we’ve gained an abundance of experience and knowledge of installing equipment for our customers; with many satisfied customers who have returned to us again and again! As one of the leading companies for ESD installations, you can always rely on Bondline to provide you with high quality installations for your needs.

  • Over 35 years’ experience of installing storage solutions, flooring, workbenches and more.
  • Insightful advice on bench solutions and most appropriate bench option to use.
  • Excellent communication – Our team will always have a thorough discussion with you to discuss and establish the requirements, what is needed to be done and is expected. We will provide full support in answering any questions you may have regarding the installation.
  • Full site survey.
  • Variety of bench options to choose from.
  • Complete supply, deliver and install package.
  • Installation by our recommended fitters with experience of bench installations.
  • Guaranteed high quality – Ensure bench solution is fitted to a high standard, Earthed in accordance with IEC61340-5-1 and works alongside the customers’ ESD protected area.

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