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Bondline Installs Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles Over Weekend To Meet Tight Schedule

The Project Brief

The brief for the client’s project was to install an ESD floor compliant to the IEC 61340-5-1 Standard in an old mill building with a wooden floor. The previous floor was extremely uneven and, as the client only planned on using the laboratory for one project, the client wanted to avoid the costs of plying or screeding the floor, keeping within budget. On top of this, due to a tight schedule, the floor needed to be installed in one day and on a weekend to suit the needs of the customer.

Preparation: Selecting a Suitable Floor Material

Bondline carried out a site visit to assess the subfloor, measure the room, select a suitable floor material and ensure we were able to deliver in a tight timescale and within the customer’s budget. Based on the client’s brief and site visit, it was decided that the light grey Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles would be the best fit for the project.

Why the interlocking ESD floor tiles were chosen for the client’s project:

  • The tiles could be easily installed over the client’s subfloor.
  • The tiles would lay well on the client’s existing uneven surface.
  • The tiles would offer a temporary ESD floor solution suitable for the client’s single project.
  • The tiles could be lifted quickly for easy install and removal.
  • The client could avoid the costs of plying or screeding the floor.
  • The client did not have to worry about the wooden subfloor becoming damaged from the installation.
  • The client could reuse the tiles for future projects.
  • The tiles could be installed very quickly, meeting the client’s tight schedule.
  • The interlocking tiles would meet within the client’s budget.

The Installation Process of the Interlocking ESD Floor Tiles

Bondline were able to fully install one of their interlocking ESD flooring systems straight over the existing subfloor. The floor was quick to install as no screed or use of any adhesives would be needed, meaning the surface below the floor will remain undamaged. The work took place on a Saturday and only took one day to install, whilst keeping to the customer’s budget.

Once the works were complete, Bondline tested and certified the floor for compliance to the IEC 61340-5-1 Standard. Overall, the customer was happy with the finish, appearance and performance of the new floor. All of the client’s objectives were met and the entire install was kept within the client’s budget. The client was very pleased with Bondline’s guidance in managing the project and how Bondline were able to install the floor on a weekend. The new ESD floor has now provided the customer with a designated static controlled area which they can begin using at once for their project.

Before and During the ESD Floor Installation

Image 1: shows the uneven wooden subfloor before the installation. Image 2: shows the interlocking ESD tiles being laid onto the subfloor.

Image of a customer's floor, before the interlocking ESD floor tiles were installed by Bondline.  An image showing the installation process of interlocking ESD floor tiles being installed by Bondline Electronics Ltd on customer site.

The Completed ESD Floor Installation

Images 3 and 4: shows the completed installation of the interlocking ESD floor tiles installed by Bondline.

ESD Interlocking Floor Tiles installed by Bondline on customer premises.  An image showing the complete installation of interlocking ESD floor tiles by installed by Bondline.

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