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How to Find the Best ESD Desk for Your Needs

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is becoming a trending topic in the industry, particularly over the last few years. As businesses increasingly rely on complex electronic devices in all areas of their operations, the damage caused by ESD on static sensitive components is becoming a greater concern for companies in a variety of industries including electronic assembly, aerospace manufacturing, and industries requiring cleanroom environments like flat panel manufacturing. Without an ESD Control Program in place, static sensitive devices are exposed and risk being damaged by electrostatic discharge. Due to this, companies are implementing ESD Control Programs and appointing ESD coordinators to minimise their impact on static sensitive devices. Manufacturers and assemblers can obtain furniture that combats this problem with ESD workbenches, and ESD chairs that address ESD concerns. An ESD desk is a good starting point when investing in an ESD Control Plan.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to select the right manufacturing partner and product for your company among the multitude of options available.

Throughout this article, we examine some of the attributes that you should look for in a partner for your next ESD desk purchase.

What is ESD?

The following is a brief description of the problem for those who are just learning about ESD or are unfamiliar with its technical aspects.

This natural phenomenon occurs when electricity is passed through our body, or another conductor, and is discharged onto something. An electric shock, for instance, is experienced when we touch a doorknob.

For many industries, it is a problem. During electronic manufacturing, static discharge may cause damage to expensive and sensitive electronic components which in turn can increase production time.

What is the significance of this?

With only 1 volt of electricity, a static discharge can damage sensitive devices. A static discharge usually needs about 100 volts before it can cause irreparable damage.

It takes at least 2,000 volts before people can feel the static discharge. Nevertheless, just because you did not feel the zap does not mean your electronics were not damaged.

Aerospace manufacturing, for example, has a high reliance on reliable components working in extreme environments. As such, an ESD workbench is a must.

Unless they test all components one by one or see the final product fail, manufacturers may not know if a static charge damaged an assembled part in the manufacturing process. Hence, it is essential to be proactive in determining if an item has ESD damage as it can become a big problem.

Choosing the Right Partner

When choosing a manufacturer, it is best to consider product quality, customisation, lead times, and of course price when buying an ESD workbench. We will touch on these factors below.

Quality of the Product

When ordering a product that will mitigate ESD, the most important consideration should be its quality.

A high-quality ESD laminate benchtop with an embedded carbon layer to dissipate static charges is required for an ESD desk. ESD dissipation rates must be greater than 10^(6) but less than 10^(9), and the device can handle up to 100,000 ohms.

Generally, ESD benchtops can be attached to any type of table frame, but high-quality steel frames with grounding bolts attached to each end offer the greatest level of strength and flexibility, plus they will last longer.

A manufacturing partner who can create products with high quality and that are durable enough to meet the demands of your workplace is a good choice.


Another important factor you should consider is a manufacturer that offers customised workbenches.

An average benchtop has rolled edges on the front and three square edges on the other sides for safety and comfort. Nevertheless, a good manufacturing partner will be able to accommodate different customer needs by customising shapes and sizes.

Workbenches can be designed in different colours to match design needs, but alternative colour customisation requires a minimum order size.

Lead Times

When selecting a manufacturer for an ESD desk, you should consider the lead time. Preferably, you would want to look for quick lead times. However, if you require customisation, you may expect a longer lead time.

In brief deadline situations, receiving the furniture shipment may be the most important factor when choosing between two qualified candidates. Foreign manufacturers have significant advantages over their domestic counterparts.

If you do not have to deal with the additional complexity of international shipping, lead times can be significantly shortened. To achieve your project’s deadline, choosing a domestic manufacturer can minimise the risk of working with a cheaper foreign manufacturer.


A product’s price is the primary deciding factor for many consumers. Depending on the materials and features of the ESD desk, you may find that some options cost more than others. For example, the cost of ESD laminate is extra for ESD workbenches. ESD products will likely cost you between 15% and 30% more than their non-ESD counterparts. The cost of your worktops stems from the time and materials necessary for manufacturing.

When buying ESD benches, it is imperative not to save money. An inferior ESD workbench can mean more lost parts in the manufacturing process. It is far better to invest in a high quality ESD workbench from a reputable manufacturer that will provide superior performance, rather than saving a few pounds on a cheaper workbench.

Furthermore, if you have existing ESD workbenches that are damaged or damaged beyond repair because harsh environmental conditions exist in your facilities, it might be better to replace the tops instead of resurfacing them. To resurface existing workbench tops would cost more than to purchase a brand new workbench top made of ESD laminate.

It is important to find a manufacturing partner who possesses all of these qualities. Our quality benches, customisation options, and fast lead times enable us to offer competitive pricing.

To get your work done right, consult a professional in ESD.

Bondline’s ESD Benches

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