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ESD-Safe Laminate Pouches

Bondline provide a range of ESD-safe document storage equipment that can be used in offices and/or assembly areas. One of which are ESD-safe laminate pouches. Anti-static document storage equipment is excellent for use in areas where static needs to be controlled. Plus, having anti-static properties, it allows you to safely use the document storage equipment near static-sensitive components without the risk or threat of static exposure and damage.

Many companies overlook how standard office stationery are sources of potential electrostatic damage. Standard office stationery is typically made from highly insulative materials such as plastic which can damage static-sensitive components like printed circuit boards, if in close proximity to it. Electrostatic discharge, also known as its abbreviated form ‘ESD’, is something that all electronic manufacturers want to avoid as it can be highly destructive to electronic devices and components. Within today’s electronics industry, it is widely accepted that electrostatic discharge (ESD) events are a significant cause of device failure and that implementing static control measures is not only desirable but essential. You can read more about Electrostatic Discharge here What Is ESD? | Bondline.

ESD-safe stationery is intended for use in workplaces with electronic equipment and within production areas where electronic components are assembled, safeguarding against possible contamination of the production area. Two major industries which benefit from using anti-static stationery include Electronics Manufacturing and Cleanrooms (Microelectronics). It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to use anti-static stationery around static-sensitive electronic components. Although standard stationery is cheaper to buy than anti-static stationery, the non-ESD stationery will be more likely to build up a static charge and damage your electronics. This means you will have to pay out for costly replacements which could have been prevented in the first place.

There are many ESD document storage solutions you can find in the market today. Some of which include: Clip Boards, Document Holders, Letter Trays, Ring Binders, Laminate Pouches and Clear Binders, with each product conforming to BS EN-61430-5 for safe use in Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA). At Bondline, we have a whole range of ESD-safe stationery and document consumables for every application! One of which, which we will be focusing on in today’s article is ESD-safe Laminate Pouches. Keep reading on to find out more!

ESD-Safe Laminate Pouches

ESD-Safe Laminate Pouches make an excellent solution for storing or transporting your documents. Not only this, but they also enable users to contain loose sheets of paper within a sealed sheet. ESD Laminating Pouches are typically supplied as transparent, laminating sheets for the protection of paper within an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). They are ideal for the protection of instruction documents and where loose paper is not permitted. Often, you will find that some laminating pouches are resistant against chemicals and have special properties for certain applications. Their compliance for strict quality control means that they are suitable to use in Electrostatic Protected Areas and Cleanroom Environments, although you can certainly use these in offices too. Using ESD Laminate Pouches also avoids the extra cost of Cleanroom paper, which is why many Cleanroom companies opt for laminate sheets to keep costs down. What’s great about Bondline’s ESD Laminate Pouches is that they even work with standard office laminating machines!

DOC3LAM2 | Bondline

Key Features of Bondline’s ESD Laminate Pouches:

  • Clear / opaque laminating sheets
  • Keeps documents stored securely
  • Resistant against chemicals
  • Material: PET/EVA
  • Thickness: 80μ
  • Comply with strict quality control within Electrostatic Protected Areas
  • Compliant according to IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Sheets are A4 in size & supplied in a pack of 100
  • Suitable to work with any standard office document laminating machine
  • Custom sizes are available on request

Other Anti-Static Stationery

Bondline’s stationery makes an excellent addition to any office or electrostatic protected area and complements our document storage range. Our stationery is practical for carrying out daily tasks such as note-taking, documenting files and working out calculations within a static-sensitive area.

Our ESD-safe stationery products have been specially manufactured to reduce and contain the risk of damaging sensitive components or devices. All of our stationery and document storage products are sourced from high-quality manufacturers and conform to the IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard.

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