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Why ESD Stationery Is Essential

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between standard stationery and anti-static stationery and whether it is really needed? If so, keep reading below.

Many companies overlook how standard office stationery are sources of potential electrostatic damage. Standard stationery is manufactured from high static generating materials (insulative) that can damage static-sensitive equipment.

Purpose of ESD Stationery

ESD stationery is intended for use in environments with electronic equipment and within production areas where electronic components are assembled, safeguarding against possible contamination of the production area. Bondline’s antistatic stationery products have been specially manufactured to reduce and contain the risk of damaging sensitive components or devices.

If you were to use standard stationary near a static sensitive device, you could potentially cause an ESD event to occur. An ESD event can appear in two forms; a catastrophic or latent defect. When a static sensitive device/component is exposed to ESD and is partially damaged due to a latent defect, the damage will not immediately show and it will continue to perform its intended function. This is why it is crucial to use antistatic stationery rather than standard stationery. To learn more about ESD, please click here.

Types of ESD Stationery

In the workplace, especially in healthcare environments, offices, engineering environments and cleanrooms, you will most likely require stationery equipment to carry out daily tasks such as note taking, working out calculations and documenting files. Bondline has an extensive range of antistatic stationery that you can use to perform your daily tasks. Each of Bondline’s office items is sourced from high-quality manufacturers and conforms to the IEC-61340-1-5 International Standard.

These products include the following:

ESD Document Holders

Our best-selling ESD document holders are a great solution for the storage and handling of documents within an EPA. These document holders are clear, permanent static-dissipative ring binder inserts with a re-enforced spine, manufactured with low-density polyethylene. Unlike most ESD wallets, this material is permanent static-dissipative, with no shelf life.

Anti Static Symbol

Anti Static Symbol

When searching for anti static stationery products, you may come across the following symbol. The ESD Protective Symbol may be used to identify items that possess at least one ESD control property: Low Charging, Resistance (Conductive or Static Dissipative) able to remove electrostatic charges when grounded or Discharge Shielding.

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