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Bondline and Brexit

We are now underway with our new processes relating to Brexit. Bondline have always prided ourselves on high stock levels at affordable prices while offering quick delivery.

In order to ensure all of our customers we are Brexit ready, we will highlight some of our new processes and solutions to any potential problems. You can also contact us to find out more information.

Reduced Free Movement of Goods Between the UK and the EU

We are now grasping the new administration processes and trading rules, for all imports from the EU and exports to the EU.

We have all practices in place in order to provide commercial invoices, with relevant tariff codes, weights and country of origin. Regarding additional administrative costs when trading, please see here https://www.gov.uk/transition for further guidance. The product’s origin for trade is very important and in 2020 we did a full product origin and tariff review and are confident we have all sufficient information. The reason this is important is the trade agreement is based on the tariff code and country of origin to determine any additional duty costs.


Yes, there is now extra costs involved to ship from and to the EU. If any of our customers have any concerns about additional costs please contact us directly. We are confident in our supply chain and high stock levels, we do not anticipate any product price increases unless it is absolutely necessary as a business.

Our high stock levels on the following products’ pricing remains stable:

  • ESD bags
  • ESD matting
  • ESD gloves
  • ESD Grounding
  • ESD Packaging
  • ESD Test equipment
  • ESD clothing
  • ESD tapes
  • ESD brushes
  • ESD swabs
  • ESD stationery
  • ESD cleaning
  • Many essential ESD consumables

Our stock levels on these products are actually increasing, we have seen huge increases in costs to ship product into the UK, this is a result of high demand for product imports and pressured demand for PPE. In order to cover the trebled costs of sea freight containers short term this will have no impact. We have ordered more product to ensure our buying power is strong and the containers are full.


Yes, like many we are experiencing delays out of our control. We are now heavily reliant on freight forwarders delivering goods and completing customs clearance paperwork on our behalf in order to release goods. We are still confident that any delays we / or our customers have experienced will be a teething process and should not usually incur such long delays.

Regarding our imports, we have everything set up with our VAT deferment to ensure goods do not get held up. All of our shipping agents have correct information needed in order to clear any incoming goods as quickly as possible on our behalf.


New trade rules now require more administrative costs and time involved to complete the necessary paperwork and instructions. There are now more hurdles to go through when importing or exporting.

Rest assured we have over 35 years’ experience of importing and exporting worldwide. Staff roles have been delegated to ensure we offer the best service post Brexit.

What You Could Consider To Reduce Any Problems Or Delays

We strongly recommend our customers look at stock levels and consider increasing their usual level, if there is any delay then there is emergency stock available to avoid any hold ups. We are happy to hold stock for customers with order cover for regular frequent orders, if you are able to consider call off orders, this will help us and you to ensure stock is always available immediately. We kindly suggest customers group orders/ deliveries wherever possible. Please also let us know if you have any suggestions to improve our service we offer, to help us help you.


We hope this post may have reduced any confusion or uncertainty Brexit may have caused, we are working hard to mitigate any Brexit related issues and we hope we have increased your confidence levels in Bondline’s trading in the years to come.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss any procedure, please contact us on sales@bondline.co.uk, +44 (0)1793 511000 or fill in the form below.

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