Bondline can offer a comprehensive training facility, effective through personal involvement. This can be tailored to your requirements at your premises.

Example of an ESD set up area:

This is ideal for production personnel, engineers, support staff and managers.
The training focuses on the causes of static generation and the effects of static discharge and the materials and methods necessary for prevention and protection.

The course content will reflect the facilities and current practice.

Understanding the phenomenon is enhanced through practical demonstrations and audience participation.
Courses can also be presented on a 'one to one' 'train the trainer' basis.

Costs will depend on the amount of information/ training required.
All training is designed to meet the requirements of IEC-61340-5.

Please contact us on 01793 511000 for further information.

What will the training cover

Examples of static damage, what components are susceptible to damage and which are not.
How static is generated, and how you can prevent it in the work place. Materials and procedures that you would use in the work place to stop static damage would be wrist bands, coats, mats, boxes and the differences between all the “E.S.D” bags.
We will cover why you need to ensure your companies product doesn’t go to your customer with static damage.
Demonstrations can be carried out to show operators how much voltage is generated by themselves and everyday types of packaging.

This would include all aspects of setting up E.S.D areas within the work place, and the monitoring of the work procedures.
We can advise you on the testing and calibration of cords/mats/desk tops/floors and all other relevant equipment.
We will discuss methods and show examples of training people to get the E.S.D message over.
Finally we go through the BSEN 61340-5 specification and advise on its relevance to your companies work areas.

Know static booklet download

ESD download

As well as ESD training we can also Audit your premises, please contact us 01793 511000.


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