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SMD Tweezer 102ASA (115mm long)

High-quality and durable anti-magnetic tweezer ideal for electronics assembly, labs, cleanroom as well as circuit board repair. The SMD Tweezer 102ASA series is an excellent tweezer to use for small, hard-to-reach places for precise pick-up or repair, due to its long pointed tips. Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive and ESD-safe. 115mm in length.

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High quality precision instruments produced using a non-magnetic stainless-steel alloy.

Our anti-magnetic tweezers meet and exceed the strict requirements for electronics assembly, labs, cleanroom as well as circuit board repair. Their materials ensure high-quality and durability when used for precision work. This tweezer has finely pointed tips which is suitable for those who need to reach into small, hard-to-reach areas for precise pick-up or repair. The SMD Tweezer 102ASA has a length of 115mm.

High Precision Tweezers

Tweezers can be used for a variety of reasons such as PCB repair and microelectronics, where precision pointed tweezers are required. Many people use the same tweezers for a range of jobs in assembly, servicing and repair, but there is no denying, for holding small electronic parts, tweezers are essential. Anti-magnetic tweezers can be supplied in a range of lengths and point types. Generally, they are designed for use in the electronics industry, where static sensitive components and devices are handled.

Bondline’s high-quality precision tweezers, outstanding instruments, are produced using a non-magnetic stainless steel alloy. Each tweezer provides strength and hardness, precision and balance and good tip alignment. Before purchasing a tweezer, it is important that you check that the tweezers’ properties and characteristics match your requirements for the job you want to carry out.

Features of Tweezers:

Tweezer Applications:

Typical applications of tweezers include tools and equipment for laboratory and medical applications in mild aggressive chemical environments.

Additional applications can include:

Grounding and ESD Effects

Operators who use tweezers in the electronic assembly are typically grounded, thereby eliminating the risk of static buildup and transmission of static electricity to the component. A bare tweezer, or a tweezer with a static conductive layer, will not provide that same protection and risks damaging the element. It is recommended that you use the correct grounding equipment and accessories alongside your tweezers to ensure maximum protection against ESD charge. Grounding equipment that is recommended to use in accordance to your tweezers include an anti-static wrist strap and cordanti-static gloves and clothes and Earth bonding points.

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102ASA Tweezers

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102ASA – length 115mm

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