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Bench Matting

Durable 2-layer synthetic anti static rubber mat is manufactured to the highest quality for use on ESD workbenches for EPA/ ESD sensitive areas. Custom sizing and studding available on request. Material is 2mm thick and available in blue, grey, green or beige.

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Premium Best Selling ESD Bench Mat is used for controlling electrostatic discharge within the EPA. Our anti static mat controls this discharge allowing static electricity to transfer safely to ground. It also protects the surface of the sensitive devices during productions.

Example ESD Bench Mat workstation:

ESD Matting

Our great value, protective mat is designed to drain static charge from items placed on its surface. For a mat to effectively ground an item, the mat must be either conductive or dissipative and be connected to a suitable grounding point. This anti static mat is ideal for laying on workbenches in the workshops or laboratories of microelectronic industries. It provides excellent ESD protection for operators working with static-sensitive components in an EPA. The 2-layer bench matting is 2mm thick. Manufactured from a synthetic rubber.

The KSMLF matting range’s top layer is static-dissipative with a conductive backing giving a typical resistance to ground = 106-108 ohms. The smooth surface allows easy cleaning and maintenance. The textured finish adds extra operator comfort. We provide a premium service of bespoke custom sizing and studding for our bench matting to suit all customer requirements. If you would like bespoke customisation, please enquire us.

Features of Bench Mat:

Anti Static Mat Grounding

When using an anti static mat you should also use the correct grounding equipment; if a static charge was to be present it would go directly to Earth.

Our essential grounding equipment includes:

We also offer a work station kit that includes all the essential grounding equipment for your workbench. This is great for personal use or small businesses who are looking for a great value, compact grounding kit. To view our work station kit, click here.

ESD Bench MattingESD matting

Additional information

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Select a product:

KSMLF2BEI – full beige roll – 10m x 600mm, KSMLF2BLUE – full blue roll – 10m x 600mm, KSMLF2GREY – full grey roll – size 10m x 600mm, KSMLF32GREY – standard mat – 900mm x 600mm (3ft x 2ft), KSMLF32BLUE – standard mat – 900mm x 600mm (3ft x 2ft), KSMLF42BEI – standard mat – 1.20m x 610mm (4ft x 2ft), KSMLF42BLUE – standard mat – 1.20m x 600mm, KSMLF42GREY – standard mat – 1.20m x 610mm (4ft x 2ft), KSMLF4BEI – full beige roll – 10 metres x 1.20m, KSMLF4BLUE – full blue roll – size 10 metres x 1.20m, KSMLF4GR – full roll green – 1.20m x 10m, KSMLF4GREY – full grey roll – size 10m x 1.20m

Colours and Dimensions


Standard Product Description Colour
KSMLF4B ESD Bench Material 1.2x10m Blue
KSMLF4G ESD Bench Material 1.2 x10m Grey
KSMLF4BEI ESD Bench Material 1.2 x10m Beige
KSMLF4GR ESD Bench Material 1.2 x10m Green
KSMLF2B ESD Bench Material 0.6 x10m Blue
KSMLF2G ESD Bench Material 0.6 x10m Grey
KSMLF2BEI ESD Bench Material 0.6 x10m Beige
KSMLF2GR ESD Bench Material 0.6 x10m Green
KSMLF42B ESD Bench Mat 1.2 x 0.6m Blue
KSMLF42G ESD Bench Mat 1.2 x 0.6m Grey
KSMLF32B ESD Bench Mat 0.9 x 0.6m Blue
KSMLF32G ESD Bench Mat 0.9 x 0.6m Grey

Cleaning and Maintainence

For optimum electrical performance, the surface must be cleaned regularly using an ESD-safe mat cleaner. We suggest using a Staticide Mat and Table Top Cleaner for best cleaning results.

Staticide Mat and Table Top Cleaner Directions for Use:

1) Apply liberally to the areas to be cleaned.

2) Wait 2-3 minutes to allow emulsifiers to penetrate.

3) Then wipe it off.

Technical Datasheet and Downloads

On the link below you will find our anti static mat specification. This will provide you with the technical information for our bench matting.


Learn about how an anti static mat works with our technical illustration.


With the extensive range of ESD protective matting available, it can be overwhelming to select the correct type for you or your company. Our guide provides a simple explanation for each mat’s use, the differences between them, material advantages and their performances.


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