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What Are Anti Static or ESD-Safe Gloves and How Are They Helpful?

Have you ever touched another person’s skin and felt a small amount or current of energy going through your hand? Well, this is what we call electrostatic discharge or “ESD” for short, which is a release of static energy that accumulates in our bodies. That small current of energy you feel when an electrostatic discharge happens is actually 3,500 volts of static energy that is being released. We don’t feel anything lower than this current. This is why it is recommended to wear ESD-safe gloves when handling static sensitive devices or components such as PC components or performing smartphone repairs.

Continue scrolling down this article as you will learn more about Anti Static Gloves and how they are helpful.

What Are ESD-Safe Gloves?

ESD-safe gloves help to protect the electronic product and employees from the potential dangers of static damage. These gloves are also referred to as electro-static dissipative (ESD) gloves and are ideal for use in cleanrooms (microelectronics) and electronics manufacturing industries.

Anti-static gloves are widely used in low humidity and particle sensitive environments. ESD-safe gloves are mostly used while handling and assembling electronic devices since static charges can destroy sensitive electronics parts. Bondline is the leading supplier and manufacturer of anti-static gloves here in the UK. Take a look at our full ESD-safe glove range today at ESD Gloves | Bondline Electronics!

How Do ESD-Safe Gloves Work?

The main purpose of ESD-safe gloves is to protect static sensitive electronic components such as circuit boards that are prone to damage from damaging electric discharges.

ESD-safe gloves should either be static dissipative or conductive. They should either dissipate static electricity or conduct electricity. To do this, these gloves feature a blend of soft synthetic fibres and conductive materials. This makes the ESD-safe gloves more conductive, which prevents them from establishing static electricity.

Although anti-static gloves can lessen the risk of electrostatic discharge, they are not grounded like other anti-static equipment like ESD-safe matting. Thus, you should always use a grounding wrist strap to secure the lowest possibility of electrostatic discharge.

Bondline’s ESD-safe gloves are affordable, durable and of superior quality. They are especially designed for manoeuvring sensitive films, electronic components, circuit boards, precision instruments and such – the antistatic gloves are widely used in, optics, aerospace engineering, electronics, telecommunications, as well as in the petrochemical industry.

When it comes to durability, Bondline’s ESD-safe gloves will not affect the dexterity or the tactility of the worker in any way, and their materials are created to reduce and lessen the build-up of static charge. Our anti-static gloves are completely free of dust and they can be used either in conjunction with antistatic wrist bands or separately, as both of them are equally efficient when handling electronic circuit boards. Although it is recommended that you wear that you wear them together, especially in cleanroom environments.

What Are The Materials Used In ESD-Safe Gloves?

ESD safety gloves come in many different types and forms, all of which affect the ultimate price and purpose of the gloves. When it comes to materials, gloves are typically made from:

  • Latex is the cheapest and most commonly used material for Anti-static gloves. The disadvantage of this is that it cannot be used by people with latex allergies.
  • Vinyl, while a suitable option for workers or employers allergic to latex, is not as puncture-resistant or as durable as latex.
  • Nitrile gloves are inherently anti-static, extremely puncture-resistant and durable, and As they are made from synthetic latex, they can be used by all workers regardless of latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are more expensive than vinyl or latex.
  • Fabric. This material offers the ability to reuse and recycle gloves which can translate into significant cost savings over disposable gloves.

Take note that different glove materials can be dangerous to use with other chemicals; for instance, although nitrile gloves are durable and avoid latex allergy issues, they are not suitable for use with aromatic and ketone solvents. Your work environment may require the presence of more than two types of gloves in order to offer the maximum amount of protection to both workers and products.

Benefits Of Bondline’s ESD Safe Gloves May Include:

  • Made from static dissipative polyester (ESD-safe)
  • Made with 25% carbon fibre
  • Non-slip, super grip surface on the palm and fingers
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Excellent fit
  • It will prevent the oils on your fingers and hand from corroding your electronic components
  • Competitively-priced
  • High-quality, durable and long lasting
  • No dust generation, good sweat absorption and anti-allergy
  • Excellent for assembling and handling static sensitive electronics
  • Offer excellent protection against ESD

When/Where To Use ESD-Safe Gloves?

ESD-safe gloves are ideal for all electronic assembly work where skin contact can cause problems, such as when handling micro-electronics, PC and laptop repair or assembly where ESD may be a problem.

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive device can experience a damaging discharge if touched, even if you are properly grounded. Increasing the electrical path’s contact resistance is one way to lessen and control the speed of the discharge. An excellent way to accomplish this is by wearing anti-static, ESD safety gloves.

Bondline’s anti-static gloves are the best gloves to wear for a wide range of situations such as:

  • Build and assemble of a high-end PC
  • When you are working with electronic products
  • Working in a PCB Factory
  • Mechanical and electrical workshop
  • Chemical industry
  • Smartphone and gadgets repair or upgrades
  • Working with static-sensitive devices
  • Precision packaging and production

ESD-safe gloves are highly recommended if you handle lots of electronics on a regular basis.


Cleanroom and manufacturing industries require a number of different safety procedures in order to protect both the workers and the products being handled from potential dangers like electrostatic discharge. One of the cornerstone elements of cleanroom and manufacturing safety is the use of electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe gloves.

Here at Bondline, we believe that all working environments should be safe. Working with static electricity can be both, potentially dangerous to people and damaging to electrical components. That’s why you should always enforce protective measures such as implementing anti-static equipment in your workplace.

Bondline is a leading UK supplier and vast stockist of ESD-safe products and consumables worldwide. We offer a wide range of ESD-safe gloves to suit all sorts of requirements and budgets, you can see them here ESD Gloves | Bondline Electronics.

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