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Types of ESD Boxes for Component Storage and Transportation

ESD boxes are made to protect your static sensitive components and devices from both ESD-induced damage and physical damage. In this article we will cover the many types of ESD boxes for component storage and transportation to best help you make the right decision.

With the right storage, handling and transportation solutions, however, companies can protect their static sensitive components and prevent both ESD and physical damage from causing unnecessary losses. Of course, selecting the right storage, handling and transportation solutions is critical to success. To discover which products are right for you, take a look at the variety of ESD boxes available:

Conductive Component Boxes

Formed from conductive polypropylene, component boxes are a simple and cost-effective way to store static-sensitive items. As well as having anti-static properties, these rigid containers provide protection from physical damage if boxes are being shipped or transported. When used as PCB packaging boxes, for example, their lightweight yet durable design provides maximum protection and facilitates low shipping costs.

To ensure fragile components can be stored or shipped safely, high-conductive or low-conductive packing foam can also be placed inside conductive component boxes. With the option to have the foam custom-stamped to reflect the shape of the components, it’s easy to create bespoke ESD packaging and storage solutions that will keep static-sensitive items in optimal condition.

Conductive Component BoxesAnti-static foam - Bondline Low Density Conductive Foam - Bondline

Conductive Euro Containers

Euro containers are great storage options due to their internal volume and versatility. Designed for stacking, you can use space efficiently when you choose Euro boxes that can be stacked to a high level. Furthermore, conductive Euro containers are a popular and effective option for shipping large volumes of static-sensitive components. Easily stackable, Euro containers will fill a Euro pallet with ease, which makes it easy to arrange for large shipments to be transported.

Injection moulded plastic provides a high level of protection from physical damage, while conductive plastic provides a high level of ESD protection. As well as a vast range of sizes and designs, you can choose to customise your conductive Euro containers to ensure they meet your exact specifications.

ESD Conductive Boxes - bondline      bondline

Corstat Boxes

Corstat offers a wide range of anti-static packaging, storage and transportation solutions. In fact, the name is virtually synonymous with ESD control packaging! Corstat’s anti-static conductive board coating provides ESD protection, while a varied range of products may eliminate the need for custom-produced packaging.

When you opt for Corstat ESD protection, for example, you can select chip boxes, component boxes, shipping tubes, collapsible tote boxes, stacking boxes and much more. Well-known throughout the industry, Corstat has become a trusted name in ESD storage, handling and transportation, which is why it’s used by major electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

Corstat Bin Boxes and TubesCorstat Component Boxes Corstat Transit Packs

Fibreboard Boxes

Fibreboard ESD containers and boxes are another effective way to store static-sensitive items. With the option to incorporate hardwood stacking runners, handles, card clips or holders and fixed or removable dividers, you can customise ESD fibreboard boxes to suit your needs. What’s more – you can even have bespoke fibreboard boxes produced to meet particular specs.

Conductive Fibreboard Boxes Storing Reels - Bondline bondline

ESD Trolleys

If you’re in need of a flexible storage solution for ESD Protected Areas (EPA), then ESD trolleys are hard to beat. The flexibility they offer, combined with the in-built range of storage options, means you can use them for a variety of purposes and components. When used with waffle trays, for example, ESD trolleys can be used to hold particularly fragile items, while conductive picking bins or larger trays can be used for more robust static-sensitive components.

Additionally, ESD trolleys can be highly effective when multiple members of staff are working alongside each other. With the ability to share access to portable ESD storage, a trolley provides a convenient and efficient way for staff to access the resources they need while in an ESD-safe environment.

ESD Wide Trolley ESD TrolleyStandard ESD Trolley

Anti-Static vs Static Shielding

When you’re choosing what type of ESD storage, handling or transportation solutions to use, pay attention to the difference between anti-static and static shielding products. While anti-static bags and boxes will protect items from the static build up caused by the packaging itself, they won’t protect packaged items from external static discharges.

If you’re looking for ESD containers or boxes that will protect items from external static discharges, then static shielding ESD boxes and containers are exactly what you’re searching for. This added layer of protection effectively means that the container or box will act as a ‘Faraday cage’ and ensure that items are not damaged by external static discharge.

What Extra Essentials Do You Need?

Choosing an ESD container or box for storage or transportation is a good way to protect items from damage but they may not be the only things you need to keep components or volatile compounds safe. Adding desiccant silica gel pouches and/or humidity indicator cards to storage or packaging can be a sensible way to keep moisture-sensitive items in optimal condition, for example.

Similarly, high shield cushion bubble bags or packing foam can offer enhanced protection from bumps and abrasions, particularly when items are in transit. This, combined with ESD warning labels, can ensure that items are handled safely both pre and post-shipping, thus reducing potential losses and safeguarding stock.

Adding Storage and Transportation Solutions to Your EPA

Creating and maintaining an effective ESD Protected Area isn’t always an easy task, particularly if you need to expand the area as your company grows. With our wide range of ESD storage and handling solutions, however, you can create a custom EPA that meets your operations and staff’s needs.

With an EPA assessment to identify potential unsafe practices, you can determine which storage solutions are most needed and upgrade your ESD Protected Area accordingly. From rigid, stackable containers for long-term storage to ESD packaging boxes for shipping, or even a packing bench, we’ll help you access the ESD control solutions you need.

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