Earthing Brackets

LSBS With 3 x 10mm studs. View Products
LSBJ With 3 x banana sockets. View Products
LSB2J With 1 x 10mm stud and 2 x banana sockets. View Products
LSB210 With 2 x 10mm studs and 1 x banana socket. View Products
Earth Bonding Points
Earth Bonding Points With 3 x 7mm studs. View Products
LSBRB With 3 x reverse banana Sockets. View Products
LSB7J10 with 1 x 7mm stud, 1 x 10mm stud , 1 x... View Products
LSBSB 3 x shrouded safety banana sockets. View Products
Earthing Point
Earthing Point Earthing point with 10mm stud. NO RESISTOR. View Products
CUSTOM SPECIALS Special printing as per your request View Products

This unit distinguishes between earth facility and earth bonding point - An earth facility (EF) usually distributes the electrical mains earth or a dedicated ESD earth, (protective earth) within an EPA. An earth bonding point (EBP or common ground point) ties together several elements of an EPA such as bench surface, floor mat or wrist strap. In this manner, all are kept at the same electrical potential. In an EPA there may be several EBP but there must be only one EF. Properties: Designed to be fixed to the work bench. Fitted with 3 x 1 Meg Ohm Resistor for each connection. 3 connection points. Configurations can include 4mm,7mm,10mm Stud, 4mm Banana Sockets, M5 Binding Post. Supports EN 61340-5-1 & ESD S20.20 ESD Handling. We supply a vast UK and European earth bonding plug range to fit all requirements, each enhancing safety in ESD applications by providing a secure earth grounding point for the handling of electrostatic sensitive devices and equipment.

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