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£29.78 (£35.74 inc vat)

Durable 2-layer synthetic ESD rubber bench material is manufactured to the highest quality for use on ESD workbenches for EPA/ ESD sensitive areas.  The surface layer is static dissipative and resistant to abrasion, heat and solder splash. The black bottom layer is conductive giving a typical resistance to ground 106 - 108.  The texture can easily be cleaned with our mat and table top cleaner. The user can be easily grounded to the mat with an 10mm press stud and earth point.


2mm thick

Available in blue, grey, green or beige.

Available in custom sizes.

Lay flat properties.

The images are shown for illustation only, the colour may differ sligthly to the image shown.

 Which ESD Mat do I need

Bondline offer a wide range or ESD table and floor mats for use in Electrostatic Protected Areas.


ESD mats are designed to eliminate static on its surface and any objects/ devices placed upon it. For a mat to correctly ground an item, the mat must be conductive or dissipative, if the material is insulative items will not allow charge to drain to ground.


Rubber advantages over Vinyl:

-        Rubber is heat resistant (resistant of hot solder where Vinyl material will melt.)

-        Rubber remains in it’s same form, where vinyl can change and become harder in cold conditions.

-        Rubber is said to be better for the environment.

-        Rubber is stable, ESD properties cannot change.

-        Rubber is generally cheaper to manufacture, cost effective savings!


The static matting is based on the material it is constructed from, electrical properites, tolerance to heat and chemicals.



Note, dirt can behave as an isulator, it is important to regularly clean the mat before testing / monitoring the resistivity.






  • We've been supplying anti-static products since 1986, with continuous research and development.

  • We stock most of our rubber ESD matting  in our 14,000 sq ft warehouse for quick dispatch.

  • We are industry experts in ESD management.

  • We can produce custom  sizes tailored to your requests.

  • We provide high-quality anti-static products at great value with support by our long term trusted manufacturing partner.

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